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One of the most frequent requests that we receive from homeowners in Romford and the wider Essex region, is for house refurbishments that add more living space. This includes major projects like loft conversions, attic conversions and extensions, but could also be something more straight-forward such as knocking down a single non-load bearing wall. If you’ve been dreaming of creating more space in your property, read on below for ideas.


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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Spacious

Investing in your property with cost-effective improvements such as extensions, loft conversions, attic conversions or by reconfiguring your home’s layout, not only creates more space but can also add significant value. Let us help you improve your property:



Loft conversions and attic conversions are two of the most cost-effective and popular ways of gaining extra space in Romford. They can often be completed without the need for planning permission and are extremely versatile rooms that have all kinds of uses. Whether you want an additional bedroom or bathroom, a home office or gym, the choices are endless. As a loft conversion specialist, we design and build a bespoke space tailored to you.



There are many benefits to having open plan layouts. They key is having it designed so the space truly serves your lifestyle. Good planning is essential for open-plan house refurbishments, to create a design that compliments the space and incorporates elements you need and want. We work closely with our clients in Romford to create a design that works for them. Walls will always be safely removed following the latest industry policies.



Extensions are a sure way to increase existing living space. You don’t have to spend a fortune or have extensive work done either. Our extension and loft conversion specialist explains it is often possible to add a single-storey extension under permitted development (no planning permission needed!) and the size limitations for them have increased. This means you can currently have single-storey house extensions built to as far as 6m beyond the rear wall of the original house for an attached house and 8m for a detached house. If you live in a conservation area of have a listed house however, you’ll need approval.



If attic conversions or loft conversions are not possible, do you have a garage at your Romford property suitable for a conversion? As far as house refurbishments go, sacrificing a garage space that is often used to store junk for more living space is a no-brainer. As well as being a loft conversion specialist, we can also convert and refurbish garage spaces. Why not turn it into a dining room for entertaining family and friends or let the kids use it as a playroom and den! A standard-sized single garage can give you around 14m² more space.



Be clever with storage to create more living space throughout your house. There are some amazing storage solutions in the shape of hidden cupboards, wall mount shelving, under-the-stairs bookshelves and much more. As skilled builders, joiners and engineers, we can provide space-saving designs that work for you. During the planning and design stage of extensions, attic conversions, loft conversions, refurbishments or new builds, our experts can integrate these ideas.

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